E-shop design & development

Internet marketing is turning into a huge force in our daily lives.
On-line shopping is becoming more common. The estimate is that on-line shoppers in the U.S. will double to 132 million over the next five years. With hectic lives today, people need to save time. Shopping on-line is a way to do that. In a recent study, it was found that 19% of Internet users shop on-line once a week and that number is expected to continue to grow.

The on-line store that we can do for you is an individual decision according to your needs. Here’s a glance of the modules that your shop can have:

  1. Product catalog, which includes
    • Photo gallery of products
    • Sort by attribute
    • Add, edit or delete a product or category
  2. Module for customer management, which includes
    • Registration of new clients or login with Facebook account
    • Add, edit or delete customers
    • Creation of groups of customers
  3. Module mode of supply, which includes
    • Ways of delivery
    • Identify areas for delivery
    • Determining the fees for different areas of delivery
  4. Module for payment, which includes
    • Returns
    • Credit card payment through BORICA
    • Payment via PayPal
  5. Module coupons for discount shopping, which includes
    • A list of coupons
    • Schedule
  6. Module for orders involving
    • A list of orders
    • Status of orders
    • Order Processing
  7. Module newsletter about new products, which includes
    • Template for newsletter
    • Sending to all or selected clients
  8. Module Blog
  9. Forum Module
  10. SEO for Google or Facebook
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Corporate web site design & development

What does the corporate web site?

Corporate web site provides detailed  information to consumers about the company, services, products and its customers. With the help of its corporate website, the company provides the public with information about deals or services to its clients and their business partners.

Mandatory or standard components for business or corporate web site are:

  • company logo, accompanied by
  • Company slogan or, more understandable – the motto of the company
  • services or products offered by the company
  • news, upcoming and past events of the company
  • company history, team photo gallery
  • Contacts

Corporate web site is an important part in the successful  business management and promotion leading market positions worldwide.

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Contract for development of a website

The first thing you would ask: “..   do I need a contract for a website? ” the answer is Yes.

This is the document that indicates the deadlines for completion of the project, payment terms and obligations of both parties. Of course you can estimate by yourself  whether you need this document.

A few tips, what should be taken into consideration before signing the contract:

  • on first place, carefully review the terms of payment
  • deadlines for completion of the project
  • After completion of the project, request electronically the entire website with accepting protocol. Thus most easily you can bring evidence to a court case.
  • be sure about the rights to the domain name (the name of your site) and hosting (the place where it will be installed on your site) are in your name
  • also ask all the passwords for accessing and managing your domain name and hosting
  • check whether there is provision for copyright
  • check all function modules that you want included and whether they are described understandable
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How to make a task for website?

Everyone would say: “why is my task for site? Can not you just be like this or this?”

No matter what website you want to have: support, personal blog, an online store, photo gallery or corporate website. By creating a task for making web site, you are most ahead of myself will explain:

  • What website I want?
  • Who will be my website?
  • What I expect from this site?
  1. What to include in this task to the contractor of the project?
    • Provide a few lines myself
    • Business you are involved with
    • Your partners and competitors
    • Ideas
    • Or anything you can think of and would benefit
  2. Describe the objectives and expectations for Web site
    • If you want a small presentation website
    • Or want corporate website
    • On-line store or just product catalog
  3. What is your desired domain name. Here’s the first complex and incomprehensible word. What is this domain. The domain name is your address on the Internet. For example: www.name.com To check for yourself whether your desired name is available or vacant, go to one of the following several addresses:
  4. Choice of hosting company. Second compound word. This is the company ha which computers will be installed on your site. And this company will take care of the site is connected to the Internet 7 / 24 hours and is regularly backed up..
  5. What to include and what features to have a website?
    • Describe the desired design, desired color tones and fonts used. It would be much better to give a list of sites you like and a list of those who do not like. This will help the project developer to take the right decision for your design
    • Describe in detail the texture of your site. The most commonly used Structure of small presentation site as an example is: “About Us, Services, Gallery, Contacts..
    • Describe the desired modules. Third compound word. Module as a form of feedback from visitors of our site to you. Or module can be one and a few features of the site.
    • Describe what content will fit on your site
    • Write if you want a system for managing this content or prefer a support site .

    The more detailed description is more adequate and will be tender.

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